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Special Application Motors

1. Mining Motors

The range of low voltage motors for explosive atmospheres is now further extended with group I flameproof cast iron motors for mines. This new product is based on the well proven and reliable motors for surface applications and is further improved to comply with the requirements in the mining standards and be fit for purpose for the tough environment below ground.

Frame Sizes:
IEC 80 to 450
Output Power:
0.55 to 950 kW
Efficiency Class:
IE2 or IE3
Number of Poles:
2 to 8 poles
Mining Motors

2. Brake Motors

ABB's brake motors are standard motors modified for braking duties, i.e. three phase induction motors with standard dimensions and output rating. The electromagnetic disc brake is powered, either DC or three phase AC current, from a rectifier located in the motor terminal box.

Brake Motors

3. Marine Motors

Low voltage motors are used, both on deck and under deck, in applications such as engine room pumps, steering pumps, ventilation fans, deck cranes, thrusters, winched, hydraulic power packs and compressors.

Motors are certified to all the major international classification societies.

Frame Sizes:
IEC 56 to 450
Output Power:
0.09 to 1100 kW
Marine Motors

4. Smoke Extraction Motors

ABB smoke extraction motors are designed and certified for both direct on line (DOL) and variable speed drive operation (VSD), both in normal ventilation and emergency situations.

Frame Sizes:
IEC 160 to 450
Output Power:
up to 1000 kW
Number of Poles:
4 to 12 poles
up to 690 V
Frame material:
Cast Iron
Smoke Extraction Motors

5. Motors For High Ambient Temperatures

The motor for demanding environments is available in a standard configuration, capable of operating in temperatures of up to 90°C.

Suitable for applications such as in the metallurgical, wood and food industries, in brick and glass manufacturing, or for drying sheds and bakeries, where high temperatures are crucial to many industrial processes.

The motors are harmonized to IEC - CENELEC power and frame size standards and are ready available from central stock.

Motors for High Ambient Temperatures

6. Water Cooled Motors

Water cooling is a highly efficient method of transferring heat away from the motor. Cooling efficiency is maintained even at lower speeds, ideal for constant torque applications.

Typical water cooled motor applications include thruster and propolsion motors, wind turbine generators, water and waste water pumps, tunnel-boring machines, extruders, printing presses and paper machines.

Frame Sizes:
IEC 280 to 500
Output Power:
90 to 2000 kW
IP 55, IP 56
Water Cooled Motors

7. Motors For Food And Beverage

Electric motors play a vital part in keeping your products moving. Selecting the right motors from the right supplier can go a long way to helping you meet the tough challenges you face in your business. As a food or beverage producer, you have to maintain hygiene and food safety, ensure your process runs without interruption – even 24/7 – and keep your operations competitive and sustainable.

Motors for Food and Beverage

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