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Spare Parts for Motors

We supply genuine spare parts, spare part packages and maintenance kits for all motors and generators.

Exploded view of an ABB Motor:

Spare Part Categories

Operational spare parts

Spare parts covering basic spare part needs during commissioning and the early years of operation, comprising consumables and wear and tear parts.

Recommended spare parts

An extension of operational spare parts, covering spare part needs throughout the life of the motor or generator to ensure high availability.

Capital spare parts

large components with long delivery times that have a significant impact on downtime. Capital spare parts ensure maximized availability and reduced downtime in critical applications.

Key benefits
  • All necessary parts available from a single source
  • Access to original parts
  • Expert support in identifying parts based on equipment condition and criticality
  • Increased availability and minimized downtime
Accessories for Baldor Motors
  • C-Face and D-Flange Kits
  • Double C-Face Brake Kits
  • Drip Covers (Canopy) for Field Conversion
  • Cast Iron Fan Covers and Conduit Boxes
  • Adjustable Motor Bases
  • Conversion Bases (T-frame to U-frame)

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