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Pumps and Valves


We supply pumps for all your Pumping Solutions. Submersible Pumps for Water and Sewage Drainage Applications, Centrifugal Surface Mounted Pumps, High Pressure Pumps for Pressure Washers and Cleaning Equipment, Petrol and Diesel Engine Driven Pumps, Pressure Test Pumps, Fuel Pumps and Lubrication Equipment and much more.

Pumps are available in numerous styles and materials including, Peristaltic, Air Operated Diaphragm, Centrifugal, Multistage, Horizontal, Vertical, Submersible, Industrial, Chemical, Rotary Lobe, Progressive Cavity, Dosing, Machine Coolant Pumps and there are wide range of manufacturers, some specialising in specific single pump types, whilst other manufacturers have a multitude of pump types available from their product range including: Grundfos, Lowara, Wilo, KSB etc.


We are specialist suppliers of all types of valves, manual, electrical or pneumatically controlled including: ball, gate, globe, safety, pressure relief, swing check, non return, bellows sealed, butterfly, diaphragm, knife gate, parallel slide valves and air rel.

Our access to leading manufacturers ensures that we'll be able to source the right valve or actuator for your specific project. We work with all the leading brands and have the knowledge and experience to provide the necessary backup and support.

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