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6 Jul 2019

Customer demand hit record high for ABB Smart Sensor

ABB Smart Sensor –a simple device attached directly to the motor frame, self-powered and does not require a wired connection to the motor. It can be fitted in less than 15 minutes. An app is downloaded to a smartphone or tablet and the motor nameplate data is entered including rpm, operating frequency and bearing type. In-built Bluetooth low-energy technology connects between the motors and the smartphone and data is transferred. 

The smart sensor monitors the motor’s performance and detects issues like bearing faults, air gap eccentricity, cooling problems and overloading. It can reveal issues that account for 70 percent of motor failures. 

This is nothing short of a maintenance revolution. Instead of making time-consuming manual measurements and reports on each motor, engineers can now easily access each motor’s health parameters at any time from smartphones, tablets or PCs. A quick glance at the screen provides a first level indication of the motor’s condition. Red means critical; the findings need to be verified immediately and corrective action taken. Yellow indicates the motor is okay for now, but will need maintenance during the next scheduled downtime. Green indicates all is well, no action required. 

The smart sensor can even send alerts to smartphones if problems are detected. Maintenance engineers can use a desktop PC to quickly and easily access the motor’s trend data held on a secure ABB portal for further insight into the motor’s health and operational profile.

TriElectric has already installed all the sensors we had in stock and now have a waiting list for customers. 

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